[Revscript][TalkAction] Add Level to Players:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Add or Remove Items From Player Inbox:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Add or Remove items from players in inbox by command:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Add tibia coins to players:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Addon Doll:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Amulet of Loss:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Aura System:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Boss Eye:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Buy Backpack:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Buy House with Required Level:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Buy Stamina for Gold:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Change Faction:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Clean Houses:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Commands:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Convert unsigned int IP to string:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Create TP Ingame:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Daily Exercise Reward:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Deposit Tibia Coins:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Display God or Player Commands:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Fast Way to Get Positions:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Food and Shared Party:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Frags:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Get Look in Lua Object (Outfit Type):

[Revscript][TalkAction] Guild Outfit:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Modal Addon Doll:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Modal Mount Doll:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Players Online:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Positional Text on Map:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Promotion:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Remove addons from players by command:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Remove Mount:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Remove Outfit:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Remove Vial:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Repair Sleepshawl:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Reset System:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Reward All Players Online:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Share Party Experience:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Simple !spells Command:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Small Autoloot:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Softboots:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Teleport Command:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Tibia Coins:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Tools:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Wand of Elements:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Withdraw-Deposit Anywhere:

[Revscript][TalkAction] Znote Shop:

[Revscript][TalkAction][Modal] Exercise Weapon Reward:

[Revscript][TalkAction][Modal] Shop:

[Revscript][TalkAction][Modal] Wand of Elements:

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