Custom Bestiary / Prey with Canary Monster Editor

Tutorial to edit and create new monsters in client 12.xx

Program used:


  • This tutorial is for those who plan to add and register new monsters in the assets of the 12.xx protocol client.

  • The program was created to work with the Canary.

How to Compile:

  • Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 + Desktop Development with .NET;

  • Open Canary monster editor/Canary monster editor.csproj on Visual Studio 2022, select Release in the drop down menu then go to the menu Build > Builld Solution.

How to Use:

  • Open Canary Monster Editor;

  • Select your client assets 'staticdata-XXXXX.dat' file;

  • Edit the monsters of your preference;

  • Save.


  • marcosvf132.

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