Assets Editor

Assets Editor:

  • Assets Editor is an open-source editor for client 10.98 and 12+.

  • Requirements:

  • Net Framework 6.0.

  • Features:

  • Support for Tibia 12+.

  • Support for Tibia 10.98.

  • Object Modification.

  • Create/Copy/Delete Objects.

  • Import and Export.

  • Sprite Sheet Modifications.

  • New Search Window.

  • OTB Editor for Tibia 10.98.

  • Import Manager for Tibia 10.98.

  • How to compile:

  • Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 + Desktop Development with .NET;

  • Install .NET Framework 6.0: Download.

  • Open AssetsEditor.csproj on Visual Studio 2022, select Release in the drop down menu then go to the menu Build > Builld Solution.

Auto Restarter

Auto Restarter:

  • Auto Restarter for Windows

Canary Monster Editor

Canary Monster Editor:

  • Canary Monster Editor is an open source editor for client 12+ to view and manipulate assets data related to monsters and bosses.

  • Written in C# WPF framework.

  • Using the following libs:

  • Google protobuf v3.19.4;

  • Costura fody v5.7.0.

  • How to Compile:

  • Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 + Desktop Development with .NET;

  • Open Canary monster editor/Canary monster editor.csproj on Visual Studio 2022, select Release in the drop down menu then go to the menu Build > Builld Solution.

  • How to use:

  • Compile or download the latest release version.

  • Open the executable file.

  • Click on 'OPEN' button on top-left.

  • Go to your tibia client 12x folder, enter on /assets/ directory and select file named 'staticdata-xxa.lot.of.nombersxx.dat'.

  • Edit whatever you wan't, save your monster/boss changes and hit compile when you are done.

  • PS - Don't forget to make a backup from your staticdata file. This tool does not create any backup copy!

Convert Map to Client ID

Convert Map to Client ID:

  • Convert Map to Client ID is a modified Remere's Map Editor that convert maps from server id to client id.

Devm Items Editor

Devm Items Editor:

  • DevM Items Editor is a tool that can make server development easier.

  • Offer tools to update and create missing items on your XML by pushing it from client 12 assets and Tibia Wiki.

  • This item editor was created to work along with Canary and OpenTibiaBR repository but can work on another servers.

    On different server bases and versions may demand adaptation to work as intended.

  • How to compile:

  • Open the project on Visual Studio and just hit Build. Packages used:

  • How to use:

  • Compile the program with Visual studio or download the compiled release.

  • Open the executable file and click on 'Load XML'.

  • Choose the type of your XML file. (ServerID or ClientID)

  • Edit any item you wan't or click on 'Load assets' to reload and create missing items following the data on your client 12 assets.

  • Update your items data from tibia wiki. I higly recommend you load the client 12 assets first.

Devm Monsters Converter

Devm Monsters Converter:

  • DevM Monster Converter is a tool that can make server development easier.

  • Convert your OpenTibia monsters loot from clientID/serverID/name to clientID/serverID.

  • This monster converter was created to work along with Canary and OpenTibiaBR repository but can work on another servers.

  • On different server bases and versions may demand adaptation to work as intended.

  • How to use:

  • Compile the program with Visual studio or download the compiled release.

  • Open the executable file.

  • If you wan't to have more interaction with the process or track any erros, click on 'Log' button.

  • Click on 'Open' button to load your items.otb file.

  • Click on 'File' if you wan't to convert only one file or 'Folder' to convert all lua files on folder and subfolders

  • Chose the type of conversion. Select the input type of the files on the first box and the output type you desire to convert.

  • For the last, click on 'Convert' button and then it will pop a window for you to select your items.xml file.

  • Once you selected your items.xml file, the program will start converting your files to the desired type.

Item Editor

Item Editor:

  • ItemEditor is a program used to edit the OTB data files.

Loot Creator
  • Loot Creator is a tool to convert loot from wiki to monster.loot compatible with Canary.

Nekiro's Rcc Editor

Nekiro's Rcc Editor:

  • Nekiro's Rcc Editor is easy to use tool that allows to replace and export assets in compiled qt resource files .rcc.

  • Electron qt .rcc file editor written using typescript and react.

  • Features:

  • Load rcc;

  • Compile rcc;

  • Replace resources;

  • Extract assets.

  • How to compile:

  • Nekiro's Rcc Editor requires Node.js to run. Install the dependencies and start.

  • cd nekiro-rcc-editor
    npm i
    npm run build
    npm run make
Object Builder

Object Builder:

  • Object Builder is an editor for creating graphic objects. You can edit or add new items, outfits, effects or missiles to your client with dat and spr.

  • Some features:

    • It's faster to load or compile your projects.

    • Import or export your objects as sprite sheet.

    • Support for transparent sprites.

    • You're able to cut the imported images.

Open Tibia Library

Open Tibia Library:

  • Library to manipulate files used by OTS and OTClient. Written in TypeScript.

    Base for OT Item Editor and Map Editor.

  • How to run example (item image generator)?

  • Google 'install nodejs' and follow instruction for installation with system integration.

    It will install node and npm in your system.

  • Open folder with OpenTibiaLibrary in terminal (cmd).

  • Type:

  • npm install

  • Type:

  • npm run-script build

  • After build there will appear folder js.

  • Open itemImageGenerator.html in webbrowser (tested on Chrome). Done.



  • Small .Net Core app that let you change your client 12 web services and RSA key really quick.


    • .Net Core 3.1

    • C#

    • WPF

  • How to Compile:

  • It's actually pretty simple. Right click OTIPChanger project file and select publish, if you wish you can change some options there and just click publish.

  • How to Use:

  • It's even simpler, after you succesfully published, you gonna see new directory in your bin directory called publish. That's it, just run it and enjoy.

OT Monster Converter

OT Monster Converter:

  • OT Monster Converter is a tool for converting monster files between the various formats used by open tibia servers.


    • .Net Core 3.1

    • C#

    • WPF

OTScript Live! v0.4.1.12

OTScript Live! v0.4.1.12:

  • OTScript Live! is a LUA editor software with some functions aimed to OTServer scripting.

OTS IP Changer Client 12+

OTS IP Changer Client 12+:

  • Website that modify Client 12+ client.exe:

    • Replaces RSA key;

    • Replaces service URLs;

    • Disables BattlEye warning.



  • Protod is a tool able to extract Google's protobuf metadata from any binary file. This version has been designed to cover every file format.

  • The goal of this tool is to recover serialized protobuf's metadata inserted at compilation time inside an executable, and to make it available as .proto file, ready to compile with protoc (protobuf's compiler).

  • For further information on Google's protobuf library, please see:

  • How to use:

  • To extract every .proto file from a given executable:

  • python src/protod.py somebinary

  • How to configure:

  • To change what filenames are included, modify the filename_predicate function in src/protod3.py.

  • To change the byte_pattern (most permissive to catch all proto files: b'.proto'), edit the byte_pattern parameter that is passed to ProtobufExtractor::extract. b'.proto\x12' worked well for my use case.

QT Linguist

QT Linguist:

  • QT Linguist is a tool to edit client.en.qm file.

Rcc Extended


  • RccExtended is a tool to edit graphics_resources.rcc file.

  • How to use:

RccExtended - compiler and decompiler for Qt binary resources (files with .rcc extension).
The utility allows you to edit the features of Qt programs without having their sources.
Editing algorithm:
- Unpack/decompile qt binary features (using this utility);
- Edits uncompressed files (.png, .xml, etc.) by third-party tools;
- Compiles the edited files back into Qt binary features (using this utility);
- This utility is based on the standard Qt resource compiler, with the feature decompiling function added (command-line option --reverse).

To unpack resources:

- Open the command prompt (cmd) in Windows (Windows button + R > cmd).
- Go to the directory that contains the

.rcc file
(cd command)
- Run the utility with the rcc key --reverse
Example of use:
cd \Path\To\MyQtResources\
rcc --reverse
Once started, the utility performs the following actions:
- Checks the

working directory for .rcc files; - Uncompresses all found resource files (each in a separate

folder); - Generates .qrc and make.bat project files for retroactive compilation of resources in binary form;

- Records outputs to the console and records information about the progress of the unpacking.

To compress resources:

- Go to the qresource/rcc folder and place a copy of rcc.exe next to the make.bat. -
Edit the make.bat and add "pause" in the line below, thus:
rcc.exe --format-version 1 --binary ./../qrc/graphics_resources.qrc -o ./../rcc/graphics_resources.rcc
(To view the cmd

with the information) - Perform the make.bat. -
The new .rcc file will be saved in the same folder.
  • Credits:

  • zedxxx (RccExtended)

  • Majesty (Tutorial)

Remere's Map Editor 13.x

Remere's Map Editor (13.x):

  • Remere's Map Editor is an open source editor used to create and edit maps.

Restart on Crash

Restart on Crash:

  • It is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help users automatically relaunch any program that hangs or crashes.

RME Tileset Updater

RME Tileset Updater:

  • This is an application that organizes items ids to the tilesets categories.

ServerID and ClientID Map Converter

ServerID and ClientID Map Converter:

  • Tool to convert any map from serverId to clientId and vice versa.

  • Images:

  • How to use:

  • Put the .otbm files into the "input_folder" folder.

  • Run autorun.bat

  • Select from the menu in what ID you want to convert the maps to

  • After executing the script, the converted maps will be in the "output_folder" folder

  • Credits:

  • Glaszcz Koldre

  • Peonso

  • Forby

Sharp Map Tracker 10.x

Sharp Map Tracker (10.x):

  • SharpMapTracker is a program used to read and parse Tibia packets to extract map information, and it saves the extracted map as a OpenTibia map (OTBM).

Slender Launcher

Slender Launcher:

  • This is the launcher for open tibia servers. It installs the client in %appdata% so you'll find it at:

    • Windows: %appdata%/Slender (C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Slender)

    • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Slender

    • Linux: ~/.config/Slender

It only installs what's in client.json and asset.json and only downloads files that need updating instead of a whole package. This makes it very fast and efficient. It also makes it so the client can receive updates without any risk of overriding user settings.

Note that these files are compatible with CIP's package.json and assets.json. If you're repacking a CIP client, you can use the same files, just rename package.json to client.json. We renamed it to avoid confusion with the node's package.json (used elsewhere in the app).

The launcher itself also updates automatically, so you don't have to worry about it. All you need is to have the URL serving the launcher also have the following files alongside the client.

  • Slender.mac (for MacOS) + Slender.mac.sha256

  • Slender.exe (for Windows) + Slender.exe.sha256

  • Slender (for Linux) + Slender.sha256


How to use:

You'll have to modify some code to make it work for your server. The launcher is not ready to be used for any server, but it's easy to modify it. Look for baseURL in main.go and change it to a URL that can serve your game client. The client needs to be repacked in the correct format, you can use this client-editor to do that. Checkout https://github.com/luan/tibia-client for an example packed client.


  • luan

Spell Creator

Spell Creator:

  • A graphical spell creation enviroment.

Spider Client Converter

Spider Client Converter:

  • Features:

• Export sprites sheet to .png.
• Slice all sheets to 32X32 .png.
• Convert sprites sheet to Tibia.spr.
• Convert appearances file to Tibia.dat.
  • How to use:

• Run the application and select assets folder should be AppData\Local\Tibia\packages\Tibia\assets.
• Select the output directory.
• Check export .spr and click Export sheets to export Tibia.spr.
• Export dat to export Tibia.dat.
Static Dat Editor
  • Static Dat Editor is a program to edit "staticdata.dat".

  • With this tool you will be able to edit and make it possible to see new monsters inside the bestiary.

  • How to compile:

  • Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 + Desktop Development with .NET;

  • Open staticData/staticData;csproj on Visual Studio 2022, select Release in the drop down menu then go to the menu Build > Builld Solution.

  • Credits:

  • Alkurius



  • Disclaimer:

  • The original version of this API included support for all protocols, but on this fork this support was removed. This version was updated to work on protocol v13.02 or higher, using it on older protocols may not work as intended and may not be useful for you.

  • This TibiaAPI version is still a work in progress and may have bugs.

  • About TibiaAPI:

  • TibiaAPI is an open-source, cross-platform proxy written in C#. You will need to install .NET Core 3.1 to take full advantage of the code in this repository.

  • This library serves two main purposes:

  1. Keeping track of protocol changes.

  2. Serving as a means to help and advance Open-Tibia servers (via abilities like map tracking).

  • TibiaAPI can be used on any platform that supports .NET Standard 2.0. That means, by utilizing .NET Core, TibiaAPI can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Because of BattlEye, Windows support is limited to official servers not protected by BattlEye (Zuna and Zunera). However, currently, TibiaAPI can be used with ANY official server on Linux and macOS. (TibiaAPI is compatible with Open-Tibia servers.) Note that because this library is now open-source, and publicly known, it's quite possible that CipSoft/BattlEye will eventually block its use on official BattlEye-protected servers on Linux and macOS. I also do NOT recommend using this library with your main account(s) when using it on official servers (always use throwaway accounts) as the risk of banishment/deletion is now possible because of it being open-source.

  • How to compile:

  • Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 + Desktop Development with .NET;

  • Install .NET Core 3.1: Download.

  • Open TibiaAPI/TibiaAPI.csproj on Visual Studio 2022, select Release in the drop down menu then go to the menu Build > Builld Solution.

  • Credits:

  • jo3bingham

  • marcosvf132

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