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What is OTClient Redemption:

What is OTClient Redemption

Otclient is an alternative Tibia client for usage with otserv. It aims to be complete and flexible, for that it uses LUA scripting for all game interface functionality and configurations files with a syntax similar to CSS for the client interface design. Otclient works with a modular system, this means that each functionality is a separated module, giving the possibility to users modify and customize anything easily. Users can also create new mods and extend game interface for their own purposes. Otclient is written in C++20 and heavily scripted in lua.

Beyond of it's flexibility with scripts, otclient comes with tons of other features that make possible the creation of new client side stuff in otserv that was not possible before. These include, sound system, graphics effects with shaders, modules/addons system, animated textures, styleable user interface, transparency, multi language, in game lua terminal, an OpenGL 1.1/2.0 ES engine that make possible to port to mobile platforms. Otclient is also flexible enough to create tibia tools like map editors just using scripts, because it wasn't designed to be just a client, instead otclient was designed to be a combination of a framework and tibia APIs.



Compiled OTClient Redemption:



  • C++20

  • Refactored/Optimized Rendering System

  • Auto Reload Module (init.lua)

  • Attached Effects System (to create aura, wings...) (code sample: effects.lua, outfit_618.lua, code test)

  • Idle Animation Support

  • Highlight Mouse Target (press shift to select any object)

  • Crosshair

  • Floor Shadowing

  • Floor View Mode (Normal, Fade, Locked, Always, Always with transparency)

  • Anti-Aliasing Mode Options (Note: Smooth Retro will consume a little more GPU)

  • Floating Effects Option

  • Optimized Terminal

  • Refactored Walk System

  • Support for more mouse buttons, for example 4 and 5

  • Module Controller System (Code example)

  • Some bugs fixed contained in edubart/otclient

  • Client 12.85 ~ 12.92, 13.00 ~ 13.21 support (protobuf)

  • Market has been rewritten to work only Canary

  • Async Texture Loading

  • Tile Widget

Community (Features)

  • Mobile Support @tuliomagalhaes & @BenDol

  • Support Tibia 12.85/protobuf by @Nekiro

  • Support Discord RPC by @SkullzOTS (Doesn't work with CMAKE)

  • Action Bar by @DipSet

  • Access to widget children via widget.childId by @Hugo0x1337

  • Shader System Fix (CTRL + Y) by @FreshyPeshy

  • Refactored Battle Module by @andersonfaaria

  • Health&Mana Circle by @EgzoT, @GustavoBlaze, @Tekadon58 (GITHUB Project)

  • Tibia Theme 1.2 by Zews (Forum Thread)


  • Encryption System by @Mrpox (Note: This implementation is unsafe)

    • To enable just go to config.h, set 1 in ENABLE_ENCRYPTION and change password on ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD

    • To enable Encrypting by "--encrypt" change ENABLE_ENCRYPTION_BUILDER to 1 (by @TheMaoci). This allows to remove code of creating encrypted files off the production build

    • To generate an encryption, just run the client with flag "--encrypt SET_YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE" and don't forget to change the password.

    • you can also skip adding password to --encrypt command it automatically will be taken from config.h file (by @TheMaoci)

  • Support HTTP/HTTPS/WS/WSS. by @alfuveam

  • Discord RPC by @SkullzOTS

    • To enable just go to config.h, set 1 in ENABLE_DISCORD_RPC and configure the others definitions

    • You can see the step by step in YouTube

  • Client Updater by @conde2

  • Colored text @conde2

    • widget:setColoredText("{Colored text, #ff00ff} normal text")

  • QR Code support, with auto generate it from string [@conde2]

    • qr-code-border: 2

    • qr-code: Hail OTClient Redemption - Conde2 Dev

Sponsored (Features)

OTClient V8 (Features)

  • Lighting System

  • Floor Fading

  • Path Finding



How to connect on Canary with OTClient Redemption:

Http Login
  • Login with account @god/god or your own account email and password;

  • Server: or your http://domain-or-ip/login.php;

  • Client Version: 1321;

  • Port: 80.

Protocol Login
  • Canary:

  • allowOldProtocol = true on config.lua.

  • Download Client 11 (Outdated 10.x) and extract the Tibia.dat and Tibia.spr in OTClient Redemption /data/things/1100.

  • Login with account name god/god or your own account name and password;

  • Server: or your domain/ip;

  • Client Version: 1100;

  • Port: 7171.

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