Auto Backup Server Database

Tutorial explaining how to make for your database.

1 - Let's see if the nano is installed on your Linux machine, run on the terminal:

sudo apt install nano

2 - Let's go the way where you want to save the script .sh can be anywhere of your choice, I will use the root directory of my server as an Example:

cd /home/$USER/canary

In the above command the "daniel" represents my Linux user and "canary" the root folder of mine server.

3 - Now let's create the

  • Then enter:


path="/home/ubuntu/database-backup"     #Path where the backup of your database "Db
nameBackup="prod-oracle"                #Environment where is hosted
mysqlUser="XX"                          #Your MySQL user
mysqlPass="XX"                          #Your MySQL password
mysqlDatabase="XX"                      #The name of your database "Db

TIMER="$(date +'%d-%m-%Y-%H-%M')"

if [[ -z "$mysqlUser" || -z "$mysqlPass" || -z "$mysqlDatabase" ]]; then
    echo "Please fill in username, password and database in settings."
  # mysqldump -u$mysqlUser -p$mysqlPass $mysqlDatabase > $path"/"$nameBackup"-"$TIMER".sql" &&
    mysqldump -u$mysqlUser -p$mysqlPass $mysqlDatabase > $path"/"$nameBackup".sql" &&
    cd $path &&
    git add . &&
    git commit -m "Bkp uploaded automatically '$nameBackup'" &&
    git push &&
    echo "Backup Complete."
  • Save with CTRL+X after Y and Enter.

4 - Let's give permission to the script created:

chmod +x

5 - Now we put to run automatically as your choice, run on the Linux terminal the command:

crontab -e

Remember that "/home/daniel/" is the director of my script so you'll have to change that part!

6 - Enter at the end of all some of the options:

# between 05:00hrs and 23:00hrs
0 5,23 * * * sh /home/daniel/
# 1 in 1 hour
0 */1 * * * sh /home/daniel/canary/
# 5 in 5 minutes:
*/5 * * * * sh /home/daniel/canary/
  • Save with CTRL+X after Y and Enter.

7 - Now just restart your Linux machine.

Credits: Beats.

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