[GesiorAAC] login.php to client 13

[GesiorAAC] login.php to client 13:

  • How to install:

  • Save the login.php file in the GesiorAAC root folder and the ws_login.php inside the pages folder.

  • Credits:

  • gpedro, hyresu, Majesty, slawkens


[Gesior2012] Addons:

[Gesior2012] Admin Panel:

[Gesior2012] Bug Records:

[Gesior2012] Changelog:

[Gesior2012] Experience Table:

[Gesior2012[ Quests:

[Gesior2012] Raids:

[Gesior2012] Skulls following Cursor:

[Gesior2012] Spells:


[MyAAC] login.php to client 13

[MyAAC] login.php to client 13:

  • How to install:

  • Save the login.php file in the MyAAC root folder.

  • Credits:

  • lucien fear, gpedro, hyresu, Majesty, slawkens


How to install plugins:

  • Go to Admin Panel of your MyAAC instance โ€“, then navigate to menu option โ€œPluginsโ€. From here you can choose file and click โ€œUploadโ€ button to install the specified plugin.

[MyAAC] Auction System:

  • Place the file auction_system.lua in data/scripts/talkactions.

  • Credits:

  • Totten

[MyAAC] Better Downloads Page:

  • Configuration:

  • In config.local.php add:

  • $config['downloads'] = array(
        'clients' => array(
            // name => link to download
            'Client 12.91' => ''
        'ip_changer' => '', // remove to disable ip changer link
        'minimap' => true // display link to download minimap from
  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] Census:

  • It just adds this page to your AAC, you also need to add link to your page. You can do this by editing template file. Open templates/your_template/index.php or template.php and add link in proper sections.

  • (Optional) Configuration:

  • If you want to set how much countries to show on chart, then paste in your config.local.php this:

  • $config['census_countries'] = 5;
  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] Characters Sale:

  • How to install:

  • Copy buychar.php and sellchar.php to system/pages;

  • Import sellchar.sql on database.

  • Credits:


[MyAAC] Gesior Shop System:

  • Go to lua folder, copy gesior-shop-system-revscript.lua and paste in your Canary datapack (data-canary or data-otservbr-global).

  • Enable:

  • Paste in config.local.php this:

  • $config['gifts_system'] = true;
    // display most popular items bought in shop (top #3)?
    $config['enable_most_popular_items'] = true;
  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] Houses Actions:

  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] Landing Page:

  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] List of Items:

  • Credits:

  • Totten, slawkens

[MyAAC] Pagseguro:

  • Configuration:

  • You'll find it in file plugins/pagseguro/config.php.

  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] Pagseguro Accept Terms:

  • Configuration:

  • Copy the files to Pagseguro plugin.

  • Credits:

  • andreoam

[MyAAC] Powerful Guilds:

  • Configuration:

  • In config.local.php, optionally add:

  • $config['powerful_guilds'] = array(
       'refresh_interval' => 10 * 60, // cache query for 10 minutes (in seconds)
       'amount' => 5, // how many powerful guilds to show
       'page' => 'news' // on what pages most powerful guilds box should appear, for example 'news', or 'guilds' (blank makes it visible on every page)
  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] Start Countdown:

  • Configuration:

  • In config.local.php paste this:

  • $config['start-countdown'] = array(
                   'date' => '30.03.2021 18:00:00' // time in your server timezone
  • Enter the 'date' in your timezone!

  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] Welcome Box:

  • Credits:

  • slawkens

[MyAAC] Znote Converter:

  • This plugin converts your existing Znote tables schema to MyAAC schema. It converts: znote_accounts: points, created, flag to accounts: premium_points, created, country znote_players: created, hide_char, comment to players: created, hidden, comment newses, changelogs, forum boards, forum threads, forum posts.

  • How to install:

  • Install MyAAC on your current Znote AAC database.

  • Go to Admin Panel, select 'Plugins', and then select and click upload. That's all!

  • Credits:

  • slawkens


[ZnoteAAC] login.php to client 13

[ZnoteAAC] login.php to client 13:

  • How to install:

  • Open ZnoteAAC and replace the login.php with the login.php available for download below:

  • Credits:

  • Znote


[ZnoteAAC] Contact Page:

[ZnoteAAC] Forum:

[ZnoteAAC] Most Creature Killers:

[ZnoteAAC] Service Agreement and Download Client Pages:

[ZnoteAAC] Simple Wiki Page:


Animated Items and Outfits

Animated Items and Outfits:

  • Animated Items and Outfits for CanaryAAC, GesiorAAC, MyAAC and ZnoteAAC. Compatible with Canary and OTServBR-Global.

  • Animated Outfits need php gd extension enabled to work correctly.

  • How to enable php gd extension:

  • Linux: sudo apt install php-gd

  • Windows - Uniform Server: core/php/php_production.ini and change ;extension=gd to extension=gd

  • Windows - XAMPP: php/php.ini and change ;extension=gd to extension=gd

  • Linux Permissions:

  • cd /var/www/html
    sudo chmod 755 -R animated-outfits/
  • GesiorAAC config.php:

# Characters animatedOutfits php
$config['site']['animatedOutfits_url'] = '';
$config['site']['outfit_images_url'] = '';
$config['site']['icons_images_url'] = '/images/items/';
  • MyAAC config.php:

// images
'outfit_images_url' => './animated-outfits/animoutfit.php', // set to animoutfit.php for animated outfit
'item_images_url' => 'images/items/', // set to images/items if you host your own items in images folder
  • ZnoteAAC config.php:

// Show outfits
$config['show_outfits'] = array(
'shop' => true,
'highscores' => true,
'characterprofile' => true,
'onlinelist' => true,
'imageServer' => ''

/// SHOP ///
// If useDB is set to true, player can shop in-game as well using Znote Lua shop system plugin.
$config['shop'] = array(
'enabled' => true,
'loginToView' => false, // Do user need to login to see the shop offers?
'enableShopConfirmation' => true, // Verify that user wants to buy with popup
'useDB' => false, // Fetch offers from database, or the below config array
'showImage' => true,
'imageServer' => '/images/items/',
'imageType' => 'gif',

Interactive Map

Interactive Map:

  • Interactive Map to add on your website (GesiorAAC, MyAAC, ZnoteAAC) . Writted in JS & CSS.

Store for client 13

Store for client 13:

  • 1 - How to install:

  • Go to the htdocs (XAMPP) or www (Uniform Server) folder and extract the compressed file.

  • Examples: C:\xampp\htdocs\images\store

  • C:\UniServerZ\www\images\store

  • 1.1 - Server

  • config.lua:

  • Example 1:

coinImagesURL = ""
  • Example 2:

coinImagesURL = ""
  • 1.2 - /data/modules/gamestore/gamestore.lua:

  • Check the name of the .png, must be compatible with the names of the files .png the images in the store folder.

  • 1.3 - If the images do not appear, what to do:

  • Go to the client folder in /storeimages and delete the data8 and prepared folders. Then restart the XAMPP or UniformServer, server, and client. And with the correct names, categories, etc. in the gamestore.lua, the customer should upload the images in the shop.

  • Note: If you use a .htaccess file inside the store folder, you will not allow access to the images. In the file you must change the command from "deny from all" to "allow from all".

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