How to make a custom server with Canary

Basic tutorial explaining how to make a custom server with Canary.

1 - Canary Server:

  • The Canary Server to make your custom server.

2 - Client:

  • The client to access your custom server.

3 - Assets Editor for Client:

  • The Assets Editor to edit the assets of your client.

  • How to use:

  • Open the assets of your client and edit the assets.

  • After editing the assets of your client, you should make a copy of the apperances-xxxxyyyyzzzz.dat, rename to appearances.dat and paste in your server data/items.

4 - Spider Client Converter:

  • The Spider Client Converter to export your custom assets to dat-spr and use with Remere's Map Editor.

  • How to use:

  • Check Assets folder;

  • Check Output folder for dat-spr;

  • Check Export .spr and click in the button Export Sprites;

  • Click in the button Export Dat.

5 - Item Editor:

  • The Item Editor to update the items.otb and use with Remere's Map Editor.

  • How to use:

  • File -> Preferences, check your updated dat-spr and Confirm;

  • File -> Open and find items.otb;

  • Edit -> Create Missing Items;

  • Tools -> Reload Items Attributes;

  • Save.

  • Update and register your custom items in items.xml.

  • After updating the items.otb and items.xml remember to paste in RME data/items.

6 - Remere's Map Editor:

  • The Remere's Map Editor to edit your map with your custom dat-spr.

  • How to use:

  • File -> Preferences -> Client Version and check the path of your custom dat-spr.

7 - Credits:

  • Majesty

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