[Linux] Compiling Remere's Map Editor Sources

Supported OS

  • Ubuntu 22.04

1. Install the required software:

Ubuntu 22.04

The following command will install Git, CMake, a compiler and the libraries used by Remere's Map Editor.

Git will be used to download the source code, and CMake will be used to generate the build files.

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install git cmake build-essential autoconf libtool ca-certificates curl zip unzip tar pkg-config ninja-build ccache bison linux-headers-$(uname -r) libxi-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libegl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev mesa-common-dev libxrandr-dev libxxf86vm-dev libx11-dev libxft-dev libxext-dev libwayland-dev libxkbcommon-dev libibus-1.0-dev libasound2-dev libxmu-dev libdbus-1-dev libxtst-dev linux-libc-dev libarchive-dev libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-dev python3-distutils libxrender-dev

Update cmake:

sudo apt remove --purge cmake
hash -r
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install cmake --classic
cmake --version

Install vcpkg:

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg
cd vcpkg
cd ..

Update vcpkg if you already have installed:

cd vcpkg
git pull
.\vcpkg upgrade
.\vcpkg upgrade --no-dry-run

2. Download the source code:

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/opentibiabr/remeres-map-editor.git
cd remeres-map-editor

3. Checkout nightly branch (optional):

git checkout main

4. Folder structure:

├── remeres-map-editor
└── vcpkg

5. Configure and build:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=~/vcpkg/scripts/buildsystems/vcpkg.cmake .. --preset linux-release
cmake --build linux-release

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