[Windows] Remere's Map Editor - Converting map server id to client id

Tutorial explaining how to convert map server id to client id using Remere's Map Editor.

For Remere's Map Editor to work correctly you must have user and folder without accents and special characters.

1 - Downloads Required:

2 - Remere's Map Editor and Client 11 Outdated (10x):

  • Download and extract Remere's Map Editor into a folder.

  • Download and extract the Client 11 Outdated (10x) into a folder.

3 - Opening the RME:

  • When opening the RME, it will ask the directory of version 11.00, just indicate the folder where the Client 11 Outdated (10x) was extracted.

  • Uncheck "Check File Signatures" in Files > Preferences > Client Version:

  • Before converting your map to client id, for your security make a backup!

  • To open a map, go to File > Open map and open the server id map.otbm.

  • RME will open the map with the houses and respawns (if it exists).

  • If the map does not open or is unsupported, go to File > Import > Import Map.

  • File > Convert to Client ID.

  • File > Exit.

4 - Using converted client id map with Canary:

5 - Credits

Majesty (RME Tutorial to convert map server id to client id)

hjnilsson (RME: https://github.com/hjnilsson/rme/)

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