[Windows][VC2022][Solution] Compiling Canary Launcher Sources

1 - Requirement:

  • Create a github repository with your launcher files.

2 - Downloads Required:

3 - Visual Studio 2022:

  • On the Visual Studio home screen, in the Visual Studio Community 2022 product click the Install button.

  • On the next screen under Workloads select Desktop Development with .NET.

  • Then in Language Packs, select English.

4 - Install the necessary software:

  • Install .NET 6.0.

  • Install Git.

5 - Canary Launcher Sources:

  • Download Canary Launcher sources with the command below in Powershell:

6 - Editing Canary Launcher:

  • Open src/MainWindow.xaml.cs and find for:

  • Then Change for your launcher_config.json github repository link.

  • Open src/SplashScreen.xaml.cs and find for:

  • Then Change for your launcher_config.json github repository link.

7 - Compiling Canary Launcher:

  • Open CanaryLauncherUpdate.csproj on Visual Studio 2022, select Release in the drop down menu then go to the menu Build > Build Solution.

8 - Configuring Canary Launcher:

  • Go to the Releases category of your launcher github repository.

  • Create a release for your launcher and upload the client zip in the attachments.

  • Check if your client files is a zip like the example below:

  • Open launcher_config.json and configure the options like the example below:

• JSON configuration file for the Client Updater
• version The version of the client, represented as "major.minor.patch".
• replaceFolders Whether the updater should replace the client's current folders
• folders An array of objects representing the client's folders, each object has the key "name"
• clientFolder The name of the main client folder, represented as "Tibia"
NOTE: Set it to "false" or only "" to not use the client folder, so everything will be added to the main folder
• newClientUrl The URL where the new client version can be downloaded from
• executable The path to the client's executable file, represented as "bin/client.exe"
	"clientVersion": "13.20.13560",
	"launcherVersion": "1.0",
	"replaceFolders": true,
	"replaceFolderName": [
			"name": "assets"
			"name": "storeimages"
			"name": "bin"
	"clientFolder": "Tibia",
	"newClientUrl" : "https://github.com/opentibiabr/canary-launcher/releases/download/1.0.0/client-to-update.zip",
	"clientExecutable": "client.exe"
  • Then your launcher is ready and you can use to download the client.

9 - How to Update:

  • Update the launcher_config.json in your repository with your new client version, example:

  • "clientVersion": "13.21.13831",
  • Commit the change in your repository.

  • Upload the changes to a new release (if it is a new release, you need to update the link in the json. Or use the existing zip.

  • Your Canary Launcher will automatically download the new release on the next run.

10 - Credits:

  • Majesty

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