What is OTClientV8:

What is OTClientV8

OTClientV8 is an alternative Tibia client for usage with otserv. It aims to be complete and flexible, for that it uses LUA scripting for all game interface functionality and configurations files with a syntax similar to CSS for the client interface design. Otclient works with a modular system, this means that each functionality is a separated module, giving the possibility to users modify and customize anything easily. Users can also create new mods and extend game interface for their own purposes.



Compiled OTClientV8:


How to edit OTClientv8.apk:

  • Use APK Editor Studio to add your dat/spr files to data/things/1100 in the otclientv8.apk.



  • Rewritten and optimized rendering (60 fps on 11 years old computer)

  • Better DirectX9 and DirectX11 support

  • Adaptive rendering (automated graphics optimizations)

  • Rewritten and optimized light rendering

  • Rewritten path finding and auto walking

  • Rewritten walking system with animations

  • HTTP/HTTPS lua API with JSON support

  • WebSocket lua API

  • Auto updater with failsafe (recovery) mode

  • New filesystem

  • File encryption and compression

  • Automatic diagnostic system

  • Refreshed interface

  • New crash and error handler

  • New HTTP login protocol

  • Ingame shop

  • Updated hotkey manager

  • Updated and optimized battle list

  • Crosshair, floor fading, extra health/mana bars and panels

  • Much more client options

  • Removed a lot of useless and outdated things

  • Advanced bot

  • Linux version

  • Full tibia 11.00 support

  • Layouts

  • New login server (with ingame account and character creation)

  • Support for proxies to lower latency and protect against DDoS

  • And hundreds of smaller features, optimizations and bug fixes!



How to connect on Canary with OTClientV8:

Protocol Login
  • Canary:

  • allowOldProtocol = true on config.lua.

  • Download Client 11 (Outdated 10.x) and extract the Tibia.dat and Tibia.spr in OTClientv8 /data/things/1100.

  • Login with account name god/god or your own account name and password;

  • Server: or your domain/ip;

  • Client Version: 1100;

  • Port: 7171.

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