[Windows][Go] Compiling Slender Launcher Sources

1 - Requirements:

  • Client to repack.

  • Client Editor to edit and repack the client.

  • Github repository to upload the repacked client.

2 - Downloads Required:

  • Node.Js: Download

  • Wails: Execute the following command in Powershell:

  • go install github.com/wailsapp/wails/v2/cmd/wails@latest

  • Client: Download

3 - Client Editor:

  • Extract and save the client editor in a folder.

  • Example: C:\client-editor

  • Edit your client using Client Editor following this tutorial:

4 - Client Editor Repacker:

  • Repack a existing client with Client Editor to use with Slender Launcher.

  • Before repacking, go to your client folder:

  • Rename package.json to client.json.

  • Open PowerShell;

  • Go to the client editor directory (cd command).

  • Example: cd C:\client-editor

  • Run the command:

  • .\client-editor-windows-x64.exe repack -s <client location> -d <output folder> -p windows
  • Example:

  • .\client-editor-windows-x64.exe repack -s C:\tibia-client -d C:\tibia-client\repacked-client -p windows
  • After that, the client is repacked.

5 - Slender Launcher Sources:

  • Download Slender Launcher sources with the command below in Powershell:

cd C:\

git clone --recursive https://github.com/luan/slender-launcher.git

  • Open main.go and find for baseURL:

  • baseURL := "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/luan/tibia-client/main/"

  • Change the baseURL for your client repository link, example:

  • baseURL := "https://github.com/your-user/your-client-name/tree/main"

6 - Compiling Slender Launcher Sources:

  • Execute the following command in Powershell:

wails build

  • After compiling, put the executable in the repacked client folder.

  • Upload the repacked client to your repository.

7 - How to update the client:

  • Update a file and commit to the repository.

  • The Slender Launcher only downloads files that need updating instead of a whole package. This makes it very fast and efficient. It also makes it so the client can receive updates without any risk of overriding user settings.

  • The launcher itself also updates automatically, so you don't have to worry about it. All you need is to have the URL serving the launcher also have the following files alongside the client.

8 - Credits:

  • Luan (Slender Launcher)

  • Majesty (Tutorial Slender Launcher)

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